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Strategy & Marketing Experience
from Subject Matter Experts


We help SMEs succeed

SME for SME is a business strategy and marketing consulting company focused on helping SMEs succeed.

With pricing that accommodates SME budgets, understanding and flexibility that suits SME needs and capability that helps SMEs succeed.


We apply over 100 years of Strategy and Marketing Experience to help SMEs define and achieve their goals.



In the consulting and marketing industry, there’s a belief that you can only choose 2 out of the 3 – fast, great, cost effective. 


If you want it fast and great, it will be expensive. 

If you want it great and cost effective, it won’t be fast.

You shouldn’t have to choose.

sme4sme triangle showing how you can get all of the 3 things you're looking for

SMEs can't compete with BUDGETS of larger CORPORATE businesses

As a consequence…


Either SMEs can’t afford the services of consulting, marketing and advertising professional services firms.


Or, if they can afford them, they often get serviced by the junior staff.


You shouldn’t have to compromise.

From START-UP to GROWTH, we can HELP

Whether you're in planning stage, start-up mode or looking to expand your business, we can help you achieve your goals, efficiently and effectively. 


From mentoring, business strategy, funding pitch documents or communication strategies we can offer a bespoke service.


Keeping it REAL

We won’t try to impress you with jargon.  Nor will we give you a generic templated solution. 


We’ll spend time to understand you, your business, your goals and deliver an approach to suit you and your unique business.


We appreciate your passion, get the need to hustle and understand that cash flow is ALWAYS a priority.



– we aim to simplify and not over complicate.  Simple messages enter the brain quicker and stay there longer.


– we approach our relationships and work with self-awareness and integrity. 


– we believe in delivering results first for our clients which, in turn, deliver results for us.

Some QUESTIONS we can help you ANSWER

  • How can we position our brand so it is relevant and differentiating in the market?

  • How can we understand our customers better?

  • How can we ensure that we're delivering consistency across every customer interaction?

  • How can we target more of our most valuable customers?

  • How can we become more of a customer focussed organisation?

  • How can we create a compelling pitch to potential investors?

  • How can we grow our business?

  • What is social impact and should our business have a social purpose?

  • How do we measure our business social impact?

  • How can we become a more sustainable business?

  • How and when should we expand into other markets?

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